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Our commitment with service quality and detail management, has given over the years the preference of several worldwide reference companies.

2.  because we believe in innovation

Year after year we innovate to address the increasing challenges of international mobility, optimize processes and bet on information technology.

3.  because we reduce costs and strengthen the competitiveness

We find new solutions and reduce costs. We follow the increasing globalization of the international economy and we give the same quality of service that customers have become accustomed.

We have an extensive experience in obtaining visas for Portuguese speaking countries and support our clients in the field with a great diversity of services.

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  • Can we help you in another country? Yes we can.






    With a global network of consultants, we can offer you the same service quality in the new destination country. Tell us where you go and the support you'll need?

  • Know the costs of Portuguese house rents







    Despite de devaluation of rents in the housing market in Portugal, there are still niches dedicated to expatriates who have resisted in part to the global devaluation. Learn more...

  • Expat's best schools

    In Lisbon, Porto and other areas of the country there are schools with foreign curriculum adapted for multicultural education. See the list

  • EXPAT living areas in Lisbon

    See the best areas for expatriates to live and learn why.

  • 21 intercultural seminars

    Misunderstandings due to poor intercultural communication destroy many businesses. Do not let that happen to you.

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Avoid misunderstandings and miss information causing numerous delays and increased costs.
Focus on a single supplier the various components of a country change and benefit from increased efficiency without the hazards of poor communication among stakeholders.

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